Monday, March 5, 2012

Eyes in the Back of my Head

Momma always said she had eyes in the back of her head. She always knew what was going on when she wasn't looking. I never knew, until now, how she knew everything we did. Momma's have this extra sense (maybe it IS the eyes) where we KNOW what you are doing, at all times. I told Lydia, my soon to be 7 year old, that I had eyes in the back of my head. Every once in a while I will catch her staring at the back of my head, wondering if what I said was true. I told her that she will find out when she grows up and have children. I also told her that for every child you have, you grow another set of eyes back there. She is a very smart girl, but I think I have her fooled with this little bit of information. She thinks that I have two sets back there and when the new baby arrives I will grow another. She asks me where they are and I tell her that if I try to show her, she won't be able to see them because they are closed. I am tempted to get an ink pen and draw straight lines in the back of my head to make it look like eyes are shut. Just to make her believe even more. I do have to say that this works for me...every time I know she has done something wrong, I give her a chance to "fess" up before I punish her. She knows that I know she has done something...she DOESN'T know that I have NO IDEA what it is she did. I can ask enough questions to make her believe I know exactly what she did, and she then just tells me what she did. And I say, "I know you did that!!" Some things are obvious as to what she did. Like, she will get my hair cutting scissors and chop some of her hair off. She does this often. What she forgets to do is put her cut hair in the trash. She will just leave it on the bathroom counter and is amazed that I found out she cut her hair. She will try to tell me she didn't do it, and I will see a slight dimple form on her cheek (she gets that from her Daddy). When he tries to fool me, his dimple shows plain as day on his face! Neither one of them can feel the dimple show itself, so they both think they are fooling me. Lydia always asks me how I know she has done something wrong, and I just tell her....I have eyes in the back of my head!!!!

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