Friday, March 30, 2012

Victory in Jesus!!

While dealing with the ordeal with our youngest daughter, we are fortunate enough to have a house provided for us to live in until we can go back home. My uncle Ken is the pastor of a church that has two homes that were built for people to live in while they are going through a hard time, whether it is due to a house fire, or an instance like ours. These "Victory Houses" have allowed our family to still live as a family apart from our own house. I have stained the floors with many tears and wonder just how many tears have been shed from other families that have stayed in these homes. We are also blessed that God sent Sophia to this city, rather than another, because I have so much family here. I can't imagine how much harder it would have been to be in a city where I knew no one. Living in the city is so much different than the county. There are reasons I love the country living. I hear the "Boom, Boom" of the music from a car and I know that Mark is home from the city, I hear that sound every three minutes or so. In the county, I can go outside in my pajamas, to get the mail, if I want to and not see a single the city, well, not only do you see lots of people, but most of them don't even care that they still have their pajamas ON!! I love the drive time from our house to the city, it's where I spend most time praying to God. However, one of the things I LIKE about city living is that it takes no time at all to get anywhere. If I want to go to the grocery store three times a day, I could, because it is right down the street!! And when I say "right down the street" I don't mean it like I do at home....I literally meant it!! "Right down the street" at home means, my church is right down the street (about 7 miles from the house). The kids even notice the difference, for instance, the other day, my aunt Bonnie offered to watch Lydia and Simon for me while Mark was at work so that I could go visit Sophia at the hospital. We turn out of the driveway, drive a half a mile down the street and turn on another street. Simon had already fallen asleep (he knows that once we get in the car, it's time for a nap because it takes us 30 minutes to get into town), and Lydia asked for me to put one of her music CD's in the player. I said to her, "Not right now, we're almost at Aunt Bonnie's house." (Her house was a couple of miles away.) Lydia responds to that with, "ALMOST THERE?????? WE JUST LEFT THE HOUSE!!!!!!!" It was so funny, I laughed the rest of the way there- literally. And when we got there, I had to wake Simon up and he had this confused look on his face. He couldn't understand why his nap was so short! So there are some advantages to living in the city. The hospital is about 15-20 minutes away from where we are staying. My family members say that it is "all the way across town". To me, it feels like a 5 minute drive. I am just so used to driving at least 30 minutes to get somewhere! So, with the ups and downs of county versus city living, I do have to say that I truly miss home, but am so grateful for the house we have to stay in. Thank you so much uncle Ken for allowing us to reside in a Victory House while our baby girl gets better. My goal for her is to be home for Easter. How that would be a wonderful day to introduce her to all of our friends who are really our family.

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  1. We are so looking forward to meeting her for the first time! I think your Victory House looks so cozy especially with Lydia and Simon standing out front :) Miss you guys so much